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Seventh Decade and Still Learning I Don’t Know Everything


How many times have you been folding sheets, and began thinking about a friend?  Well, I do such things in times of stress. Stress folding wash, you ask? Yes because the sheets I am folding are of the fitted species. Now you get it? Okay, well I am a bit different anyway. But getting back to friends, they come in all categories. Yes, I categorize my friends. They are like shoes, sweaters, pants, and makeup. When it’s time to make changes, it’s time to analyze our friends. Trust me, friend, I take this seriously.

When the closet of our mind needs some updating, we know we might need to take stock of who we surround ourselves with. Some friends are casual, passing through, perhaps informative, maybe slightly interesting and somewhat entertaining, but they are not the gems in our lives called “Old Friends.” Those are the ones who will swim from Tahiti on a moment’s call if you need them. Thy have gone through the fire with us and been tested over the decades. Then one day we are all in our seventh decade of joy and trying to cope with that fact. Not easy, I can tell you. You have to trust me on this, once again. I am sharing pearls of life here.

All these matters way heavily on us as we get older. They should, because genuine friendship is hard to find I am sure you have found that out. You have had disappointments and anguish sometimes with people you thought were the “bee’s knees.” They turn out to be that new sweater you had to have and when you got it home, you wondered if you had lost your mind. You did, and return it the next day. Then you go to one of those homes stores, smiling like the Cheshire cat and buy a new set of sheets. Sheets are always a joy, until you have to fold them. That’s when you realize those old, worn sheets are the best sheets in the world, even if you’re still trying to figure out how to fold them so they look like the day you bought them. News Flash! Forget about it and just love them as they are.

Until next time. If you care you leave a comment, please do. You might be my next best friend.

Life is short, grab it and go for it!
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