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Anna Gill

A successful nonprofit reels out of control when a new CEO takes over. No one can stop this man and the results are catastrophic. The lives of the people it serves are put in danger as a famous detective is called in to see what is really going on.

When an old waterman teams up with a young Harvard reporter to save a vanishing culture in Chesapeake country, the outcome is quite surprising. The dynamic between the two turn out to be a most wonderful tale and one you won’t soon forget.

Anna Gill

Love, betrayal, and trust surround this novel that spans the eastern coast and takes no prisoners. Fiona and John Briggs thought they were the perfect, beautiful couple. They had it all until secrets were uncovered and began to unravel their lives. Would there ever be a happy ending for this beautiful artist, or was Fiona destined to have a life of quiet desperation?

Willa Carpenter is a best-selling romance writer. She’s at the top of her game and she’s only 30. She needs a rest, but the demands put on her are tremendous. When she reads of the plight of the Chesapeake watermen and their struggles to survive, she sets out to an island to find out the real story. It is out in the middle of the Bay, she finds a place of peace, a time straight out of yesterday, and the warmth of an older woman named Frances, who will change her life.


There was a time and place where manners and respect were an everyday occurrence. Where young girls went to grow up and become successful women in society. And it was, also, a time of war. A war no one was prepared for. However, in this place fairy tales still came true. The small, all-woman college, was on the cusp of great change, but for the students there, that change wouldn’t affect them...yet. This is a novel of style and grace. A Downton Abbey meets Gone With the Wind story with lots of laughs and a few tears.

This last in the series of Chesapeake novels is devoted to all the Watermen and Farmers of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Their struggles and challenges continue as people coming from all over to retire on their ancient lands. However, nothing will impact them more than the sinister plot one Senator from that state is quietly planning that will make his retirement worth billions. Were it not for a young woman and a well-known congressman who intend to stop this, the farms could be gone forever. In a race against time and political shenanigans, they risk it all to protect what they love.


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