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Welcome! Hopefully you have read one or more of my novels and enjoyed the world my characters live in.

You may not know that my real name isn’t Anna Gill, but rather Bonnie Feldstein. Why Anna Gill then? That was my Grandmother’s name and she was the only grandparent I ever knew. I was the only girl and she supported and encouraged me in all my endeavors, so when I finally began to live my dream, I thought of her and thought it would be a lovely way to honor her.

When writing a novel, Bonnie often slips out to encourage Anna’s characters to teach history and give a sense of time and place.

Spending winters on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, stories of their vanishing culture of the Chesapeake watermen and the farmers has been my honor to share. Times change over the years, and cultures change too. It’s sad to many, but progress to others. I have sought to preserve the old culture in a loving and respectful way. It’s painful to see it go, but in order to save some of the old ways, acceptance comes hard. This is why my heart said it was time to preserve the customs and love of a people who add so much to our American tapestry.

Anna Gill

You are why I write. If you enjoy my stories, it gives me courage to write another and then another. Please stop by from time to time to see what’s new and leave a message. Join the conversation on my new blog that explores everything under the sun and then some.


So long for now.

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Bonnie or Anna, I love them both