Friends of the Author

A very close friend of mine has reached his goal in writing a most informative new non-fiction novel. Walking with Presidents is the love child of Michael Endicott, Secret Service, Retired. It is an inside look at the man he was sworn to protect. His experiences and observations are revealed in this historiacal account of a president who rarely revealed himself to his electorate. 

Mike is not only a great and interesting guy, but a gourmet chef extraordinaire. His charity dinners headlined as "Eat Like a President" have raised thousands of dollars for worthy causes. Applause all around for his success. I promised him if he finished this book, I would let my readers know all about it, and now I have.

Available Now!

Walking With Presidents

Order a copy today at: www.Amazon.com

Leslie Stern...another compelling author to read.

Leslie Stern is a gifted and compelling writer. Her first book, Betrayal Beneath the Spanish Moss was well received by readers as well as her peers. It has gained the attention of Hollywood and so this might be a great time for you to read it and then weigh in on it on my blog. 
  Her next book is out now. Title you ask? Living with a Legend. It is destined to be a blockbuster. Leslie will present us with funny stories and anecdotes about her step-father, famous Takamoto, the creator of Scooby Doo, Astro, Mutley, Lady and the Tramp and Cinderella. Now that gives her big bragging rights to be sure. This book will take us into her life as a child in a multi-ethnic family where fun, fantasy and a whole lot of other madcap zaniness lived and survived well. To order go to: leslieestern.com

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