Writing novels is my passion but I love the art of short story and historical clips. So I took the plunge and submitted a short piece to a wonderful Maryland magazine, “What’s Up Eastern Shore?” They seemed to like it and the piece was printed in their September 2008 issue. Its title is "Viva la Penman a la Revolucion!" I center the short clip on the John Dickinson Plantation, that stands just south of Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. It's a must see on your history trail journeys when in the area. It's a gem of American history and the knowledge to be gathered there might just get you addicted to seeing many more homes of our Founding Fathers. 

Another historical short from Anna Gill is in the April 2009 Issue of What's Up Eastern Shore. This one, What's in a Bottle? tells of the glory days of the all healing mineral waters in Mardela Springs, MD. It was a craze that spanned more than a decade and faded after the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was built, due to a by pass around the spring house.

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