It's such a pleasure to welcome you to my website. I hope you will stay and visit for a while and get to know my world: the world of writing.

I know you have heard that overused expression that people have wanted to write all their lives, well some people really do have that dream and eventually fulfill it. I did, albeit, start much later in life than I would have liked. However, my life has taught me so much. I survived cancer a few times, had a blip with a mild stroke, and then found my heart was a bit irregular. At this point I felt like I was totally irregular, but luck finds me alive and kicking and doing what I think I was always meant to do: tell stories. My stories involve characters that were formed in my early years through imaginary friends. I drew on them to create new ones and before I knew it, I had so many wonderful new villains and heroes that I was ready to get started. Between many set backs and a wonderful life filled with family and good friends, I realized life is to be lived and no matter what your dream, you can do it. I did and have never regretted one minute of it. The saying, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger," certainly rings true with me. It's ones experiences in life that assists the writer to build characters and open new doors to new places and to make new friends. 
I hope you enjoy my stories. They are meant to be full of life, come what may, and it is my true hope you learn some things you didn't know before. Fiction is a wonderful genre because we can dream and live and love to our heart's content. No matter how our life is going, a novel takes us away for a while and it's my hope when you come back to reality, you have had a wonderful time. My love for vanishing cultures has been a journey to meet people who have long held traditions, but in the progress of a new time, their customs and the way they have lived are coming to a close. It's always sad to see the passing from one way of life to another. If I can teach and educate another generation of what once was, then I have done my job and held something very special in my heart to pass along. Mine is a world of living, loving, learning, and above all things, laughing. Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my world. 

About me:

Born and raised in northern New Jersey of Irish and French decent, an interesting combination to be sure. I always tell people, I may have left the big city, but it never left me. I still put the Jersey “w” in all my words and know what a jug handle and going down the shore truly mean. It is that going down the shore thing that has followed me throughout my life. While I now live in upstate New York, I spend my winters writing on the Eastern Shore of Maryland or what some people know as Chesapeake Country. I believe it to be where my soul touches heaven. I find peace, inspiration and the most fascinating characters down in that neck of the woods. The marsh is so special and you can't outdo the ocean in winter. It is, to me, simply divine.

Please enjoy my website and if you want to order an autographed book or just “talk” for a while, please contact me any time. I love to hear from my readers. After all, you're what it’s all about.

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